Supervision/Project management

Construction site supervision is of great importance in terms of the success of the construction contract.

When choosing a supervisor, you should be careful and choose a supervisor right from the beginning of the construction project. A good supervisor is an irreplaceable party in a construction project, acting as a link between the developer and the builders.

Duties of the construction site supervisor:

  • supervises and promotes the realization of the customer's interest at the site
  • acts as the developer's representative
  • in addition to quality and financial control, reports to the developer on possible problems and risk factors in the work performance
  • regular site visits

Supervision of the construction work from the beginning to the end of the entire construction project is important, in order to stay on schedule and monitor the quality.

The supervision of the construction work ensures that the contractors work is in accordance with the contract and prevents the occurrence of possible construction errors.

The construction work supervisor acts as the customers representative, ensuring that the construction is carried out in accordance with the relevant agreements, laws, regulations and official instructions and in compliance with good construction practice.

Due to the cooperative nature of the contract between the developer and the contractor, the duties and tasks of the site supervisor are largely based on the obligation to provide information and contribute.

The supervisor, as the clients representative, is obliged to point out to the contractor any errors or risk factors he has observed, and to promote the contractors opportunities to fulfill his contractual obligations to the best of his ability.

However, supervision is not only an inspection activity, where the main focus is on looking for errors and deficiencies. Supervision also serves as a preventive task and guides the contractors activities. Proper and effective supervision requires systematic and planned activities, where the supervision plan serves as the central tool.

Construction site visits

The construction work supervisor makes inspections, observations and observations on the construction site and keeps up to date with the progress of the construction work and staying on schedule.

The supervisor informs the contractor of his observations and possible deficiencies, thus preventing potential errors from occurring in time, without incurring additional costs.

The supervisor of the construction work also monitoring the work safety at the construction site, the costs of the construction work and the quality how the work is performed.

The supervision of the construction work lasts the entire duration of the construction project, starting with the kick-off meeting and ending with the reception of the building and the final financial settlement.

The supervisor keeps the builder informed of both the progress of the construction site and other relevant events throughout the construction project.

The supervisor of the construction work documents all stages, so that the supervision documents can be returned to at a later stage, if necessary, after the construction work has been completed. The control material is construction work plans, job descriptions, contract contracts and other documents drawn up during the construction project. Supervision of construction work includes technical, financial and temporal supervision at the construction site.

The technical supervision of the construction work is aimed at all the contractor's activities on the construction site.

Construction site supervision aims at the most comprehensive and proactive activity in accordance with the customer's interest.