Contact information
Shareholder information
Jobs to be done

What type and scope of work is going to be done.

I agree to order an asbestos survey if the apartment's structures are demolished (for example, removing tiles).

Who applies for a procedure or building permit and is the same person responsible for delivering the stamped acceptance documents to the property manager's office? The partner is always responsible for the license payment costs.

Jobs that can have an impact are announced, for example works that may have an impact or are targeted at the company's building's heating, gas communication, water, sewer and ventilation systems, e.g. moving a floor well or water point or renewing a water tap, service water and sewer lines.

In order for the waterproofing inspection to be carried out properly, the housing company requires that the shareholder inform the property management office at least two working days before the waterproofing work is finished. The costs arising from the inspection will be paid by the repairer.

Please note that the responsibility of the Housing Company is limited to a conventional, type-approved water mixer belonging to sound class 1. Taps that deviate from the usual are covered by the partner's responsibility for repairs.

Note! The partner carrying out the modification works undertakes to deliver the commissioning inspection protocol for the electrical works to the property manager's office.

General contractor
HVAC contractor
Electrical contractor
Other agent

An explanation of how the stairwell is going to be kept clean during the work and how dust management is organized.

A report on the removal of renovation waste (whose responsibility is it and where is the waste taken).